Review: Wake Up Now vs World Ventures: Facts & Comparison 2014

Just received a rather spammy message on FaceBook with regards to WUN (Wake Up Now), and that I really should have a look at it!

Myeah … whatever. :D But hey … I know a top leader in TeamTissa who also does WUN, let’s have a look at the video and ask him about it instead ;) Yeah folks … that’s how relationship marketing works!

Wake Up Now Quick Overview

So this is the video that sparked my interest after a few minutes:

Aha! A travelclub company! Maybe you remember I’ve been with WorldVentures in the past (video top right was recorded during a WV DreamTrip in Cyprus). And my World Ventures 2013 Review ranks number 1 in Google. I’m saying this not to impress you, but to impress upon you that I know a thing or two about travel clubs. The reason I left World Ventures and rejoined (two times) was cause I was convinced I could make it work the 2nd & 3rd time. The reality for WorldVentures;

Even with all the latest enhancements to the compensation plan and DreamTrips credits. The value is tremendous (no doubt about that), the culture is amazing, but it’s a VIP club. Commoners will drop out.

Unbiased Compensation Plan
Comparison of WV vs. WUN

So … for Wake Up Now to be any good, the compensation plan has to be (more) rock solid. That’s when I found this interesting YT video:

So Wake Up Now seems the clear winner compensation plan wise!

… and then I found something shocking …

Founding Member of WorldVentures
left in favour of Wake Up Now!

What?! Who?! OMG! I know of a fewleaders who left, rejoined and left again, but Ed Terranova had a team of 20,000+ members in WV as a founding member, and you don’t say goodbye (or get kicked out?) of a company when you have a huge circle of influence.  Anyway I know Ed personally. Never met him, but conversed a few times with him by e-mail and chat a few years ago. And all I can say is? WOW! That must have been a tough decision. Ed explain himself:

Wake Up Now has no Product Value?

There’s a guy online called Ethan van der Built, who broke down WUN as a “Product Pyramid Scheme”. LOL that’s a contradiction!

source (in case you’re remotely interested in his other allegations)

Never the less, he seems to have proved that the product value of 
WUN is worth $94.02 per month … which doesn’t include training.


Yes this company offers the most bang for the buck for any kind of traveler, especially Digital Nomads! Are you? Do the test! But … strictly speaking? WorldVentures still is the only REAL travel club, as their in-house booking engine Rovia really is 1 of a kind. Moi? I’m still undecided. Still have to compare a few other clubs..

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